Would like the help of a python coder...

Hello yall!

 Well I have made this little hovering thing for a game I am currently in the testing stage of would like to know if it were possible for a coder to change the turning system to mouse turn? It is in thirdperson and I would just like the character and camera to rotate with mouse. 
 Preferrebly with a little bit of vertical movement but fully rotational horizontal movement. If anyone knows how this could be done or would like to have a go at doing at it just ask and I will PM the .blend to you. 
 Controls are WASD right now but if this mouselook thing works then I hope to have A and D as strafes.

Thanks everyone for reading and any help will be appreciated. :smiley:

I don’t quite understand what you are looking for,

but is it somthing like this (If so, I will try to explain how this is done).
(start the ‘game’ § with the greenish window activatet).


Thats more a FPS sort of set up…
More like the rotation system in WoW but without having to hold the Right mouse button. So rotating around the character.

Ok zimbocow,

I don’t know what you men by WoW and I don’t know much FPS and other games.
I tried to make the camera movement of the Total War games for future use in a RTS-game.

I’d like to help you, but then you have to be a lot more specific.
What exactly do you need?
What does the camera do on what occasion?
pm a .blend-file?


He probably means 3 person.

Yes thanks killer jogged my memory :o 3rd person is what I meant. I will PM you a .blend with detailed instructions…

Something like this?


cubev2.blend (381 KB)

third person mouse movement is 100% the same as first person, but the camera is farther back a bit. sometimes there’s slow parenting involved too, but that’s easy.

Thats exactly what I want Noob Destroyer! :smiley:
If it would be possible to increase the speed on the delayed camera it would be amazing :smiley:

Sure. The camera isn’t done in python, it’s done in a logic brick. Find it and you’ll be able to change the settings to your liking

cool :smiley: thanks.