Would love some critiques on how I can make this a very convincing realistic image

I came back to this render because I am still not happy with this.
It still looks like a render, maybe some materials are a bit off. But I would love your opinion.


Not bad. Your glass is not reflecting anything in the room. It looks quite flat. To sell the photorealism, I would give it something to reflect off of. Also, your room looks like a hotel room, but your HDRI shows other houses at ground level in the far distance. It might look better in an urban setting of some sort.

Is your ceiling not connected to the walls?

The render looks fine to me, but the scale of the room looks off. It’s as though the room is too big for the contents, and so the window frame looks oversized.

The pillows are a bit stiff and hard. Maybe add some SSS and flatten them / squish them a little where the smaller pillows rest.

The area to the left of the mattress needs additional, focused lighting. The front of the cabinet is opaque-dark. The lights would be shaped to inject lighting – probably not sky-color – very tightly into the desired area, and adjusted in power so that they fill the area but do not draw attention to their presence.

A darkroom-junkie could also “burn in” those areas.

Your scene is not bad, BUT need to color compositing: edit levels, sharpness, add some DOF with some close-up render, add some contrast, extrude a little bit that wall “white lines” with assigned wooden material onto it.