Would you like to submit your work for a tutorial DVD?

In my hometown my friend and I at TDOstudios are working on a blender 3D video tutorial disc for Anime Nebraskon 2008 in Lincoln Nebraska. I’m doing a “Beginners guide to 3d” and of course…blender 3d is the program I have chosen (even though it may not be for starters, it sure is the right price for them) I hope our tutorial can get them in the right direction.

Thing is I was wondering if anybody wanted to submit their artwork for a slideshow on the DVD for examples of what can be done. I will give full credit if you want to give out your name, or just your username from the forums.

I thought I’d just throw this out there. Its going to be a convention of about 900-1000.

www.animenebraskon.com is their site.

Go ahead and give your thoughts and ideas and if you want to submit some work just contact me with a PM or other methods I have listed under my profile.

Thank you all, and happy blending. Hopefully this project will bring on more artists into the world!

Thanks to those who have submitted so far. I even got an avi from someone which I guess if you want I can use those as well.

Why not grab a selection from the gallery?

how do I submit?

Just send me a Private Message and I can give you my email, or if you have an avi clip I have a server set up.

@Lancer - I concered it, but that’s other peoples work and I wasn’t sure if it would be polite using it without asking.

Well, it’s really good you’re taking their ownership into consideration.

Definitely, if you’re showcasing what Blender is capable of, you want it to be some of the best. No one has said to the gallery “please take my work off, I don’t want it for public viewing!” All images have been voluntarily submitted to this forum before being promoted to the gallery section.

So, how about you feel free to use anything in there, but credit (e.g. just below the image) “<image title> by <artist name>, courtesy of BlenderArtists.org”?
Then you can click the icon of each one you’re using and send them a polite thank you and a chance to decline an image if they wish, within a week or two, should they not wish to be included.

Thanks for the idea Lancer. Thing is I’m wrapping this project up and I’ve only got about a week. I’ve got what I need to work with, I was just looking for some extra items to put on the dvd so its not wasting the space if you know what I mean.

If you have to ask, its going to be a dvd so it has dvd menus and such, with added data folders on the dvd.