Would you mind reviewing my site?

Another site review thread.

My goals are ont he page, except the fact I want the site to be simple.

I might be moving my site to a pay server, so does anyone know any good pay sites?


Put this link in your sidebar.

There’s not really much there to review yet. You have about one sentence of placeholder text and about 10 ads per page. There’s more ad than content.

That said. You’re using a frameset for your pages (not sure why) but you don’t offer any alternate way of getting in. (No search engine penetration, difficult to link to specific pages, etc.)

<p>Your browser does not handle frames, sorry.</p>

I’d suggest ditching the frames idea altogether. I don’t see any compelling reason to use them for this site.

Not a good idea. 2xcookie trackers, popup assult and i’m virus checking.
deleted all my cookies, internet history and offline content and there was nothing to review anyway.
I suggest getting web hosting and deleting that link. so others don’t fall into the trap.
I do realize it was a honest mistake, but these free hosting sites can be trouble.
Nothing but spam there.

2 out of 10 stars because of the ads and the mention of anime.

I could host it for you if you really need a decent webhost, just until you get one.

I personally use 1and1.com, because it’s reliable, and very inexpensive. It costs me $2.95 a month, or about $18 for 6 months, plus I got free domain name registration. I did a lot of research before I chose a webhost, and they had the most for the money.

(No, I don’t work for them, I just think it’s a good host.)

Freewebs.com seems to be a good one, but I haven’t used their paid services yet…

Yeah I use freewebs.com and rather likes it. I might plan to get the paid service there later. See my site cause there are no ads and stuffs like that. www.freewebs.com/radscientist

Henrymop, i’ve noticed that there are no “home” link on any of the site. I strongly suggest having it if you plan to use your main page as a summary of your entire site (for example, list of updates or blogs).

i also use 1and1 for my webhost. I’ve never had any problems-the only time my website went down was when forgot to end a loop in a PHP e-mail script :o.


I guess I should of said that it’s not even 1% finished yet, but I thought that would’ve been obvious.

Okay, I’ll make a frames and no frames alternitave. Or just make no frames at all.
I don’t see what’s so bad about it. You all are able to see it, or atleast none of you said it didn’t.

Thanks for the crits.

I forgot to mention, all the text is the same color as the backround here…(using IE7). Had to select it to read it.


1and1.com rocks!!!

Being able to see a website often only makes it worse.

Is it really that bad?

i may just redesign it, or forget about it and do some mroe 3D stuff.

sucky sucky ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Got an extra machine? Just host it out of your house!

You’d better hurry though - with the EU talking about requiring a web-hosting license and the US making everyone keep an access log I’d guess it won’t be long before people aren’t allowed to run their own websites without a mountain of red tape.

Damn, and this world was just starting to get interesting :frowning:

Just a lot of adverts.
When you want someone to review your site you should atleast have something besides adverts there.
Finish it and then ask for reviews.
Oh and do you thing that you are going to keep updating the news? I’ve seen many many sites with the directory news which hasn’t been updated for a few years.

What is there to review?
4 links leading to pages that say: to be done…
No content, no design, no nothing… :frowning:

Not much on there though so it’s hard to commen’t on it.

Try using CSS, for a bit more flare and interest, avoid the frames, there cloggy and dated and a sure sign of a eb newbie