Woven rope shader blender 2.83

blend file
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interesting way to get this braid pattern

but complicated nodes set up
i already spent over 1 1/2 hour and made some mistakes

can you show the whole nodes set up so i can correct the one i started
or if you can upload a sample file

thanks for sharing
happy bl

I uploaded a blend file in gumroad…the link is in the description…is that not working?

Here is the link…https://gum.co/GXDRx

sorry i did not see any link !
can you show or explain where it is in description ?

will look at this nodes set up

i did see in video some intermediary patterns which are also very interesting

happy bl

Here is the link…https://gum.co/GXDRx

just wondering here ?
would it be possible to have rope along a curve with one or more rope?
may be one 360 helix turn then use an array along a curve !

but this might require UV mapping may be!

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It is possible…it will need location value for each cell … without the cell it will look like scratch on the main thread. I would do it now but it will take some time…so …i will try after 2 Day …i have some earlier requests still needs to fill . I will add the link of file in here.

Btw are you a creator of blenderartist?

i tried the shader …its harder than i was thinking…i am still working on it…!just wondering your asking this kind of rope rightimages|281x179

just a simple rope like this

this can then use one image / equivalent nodes set up but has to be symmetrical then use an array along a curve to get a nice looking rope

what do you mean by creator blender…

happy bl

i was not able to do a very good job…and i added so much node for nothing…rope.blend (1.1 MB) i definitely saw the comment day before yesterday…i wanted to respond with the solution

i mean is blender artist is your site …or are you generating any income through this site(just asking , because you are very active here )

for time being i don’t do paid artistic work

i do use blender to do like Mechanical things most of the time
and whenever i can i help people on forum here
so i give back to forum where i learned blender

i don’t sell my blender files per say

but i use it to make some 3D Mechanical dwg like CAD
as a first approximation and 3D coordination for some projects
but this is part of my normal work

for me blender is a super tool in 3D

and always interested in anything that can be done with blender
who knows might be helpful one day LOL

and thanks to you for sharing your files and knowledge

happy bl

Thats very nice .
.i am like a out of schedule person…i dont know how someone make time for something in regular basis…i dont think i can ever do that.

Thanks for helping
See you soon!