Wow this forum's responsive

This is probably the most responsive forum i’ve ever been to, you post say a question and then you have it practically answered in less then a minute. Good thing too, you can get quick feedback and not have to fret over blender problems. :smiley:

responsive as if we have no lives %|

lives? I have one of those sitting over next to my brain in the closet :wink:
…says the man with 1,200 something posts %| :stuck_out_tongue:

did you miss the “we” part in that…not “they”

Well am i qualified enough to say with certainty

“we have no lives”


I still have a life, but less of one once I found Elysiun.

Bah… who needs a life.

I have a life… or at least… I am alive…

My time is spent like this.
70% Blender/Elysiun.
20% Star Wars Galaxies
10% Living

About life there are some people on other forums that I should get a life, but a life is what we all have, it’s called living :stuck_out_tongue:

i have a life yo life get other her LIFE!!! get here your my life arnt you ? HELLLLL NO!!! hmmmm


i think hes trying to say wife, but is learning english and from china or such, so the translation is slightly off.


I still don’t understand.
I need to brush up on my engrish.