Wow !

Another person that turned off the teevee…

Pretty cool, eh?

cool, would this mean that once many people have the scanner for it, would magazines be able to use it to creates videos and other medias cheaply? Imagine the drop in cost of magazines such as 3D-World and other computer related magazines.

That is, if it does catch on and becomes popular.

I am sure that the advertising folks will have fun!

Cool now instead of having to watch the news, we could all go out and buy a paper…

Oh wait…

It’s cool, unfortunately it’s also supposedly a scam. Check slashdot’s post on it in the comments.

Edit: And I turned off the tv, where did that get me? :stuck_out_tongue: An extensive knowledge of WoW and Linux…

Here’s update for this article an as for now it’s doesn’t look to be reaible.

Oh picky, picky, picky :slight_smile:
It did sound too good to be true. Guess we need to go back to playing with crystals.
sharpen up your pencils, and back to the drawing board!

I refuse to believe it. Prove it to me and I still won’t believe it.