Wrap option in Blender 2.68

Hello everyone.
I am trying to texture paint seamlessly across seams and want to use the wrap option that i read from this tutorial:

But i just cant find this option anywhere.
btw this is for a terrain that is split into multiple parts because i cannot create a single image file large enough to cover the whole terrain.
Even if I use a 4096 x4096 to paint on (which takes forever anyway) It would be stretched over too larger an area to get any real quality.

Please someone help me find the wrap option in texture paint mode.

In the Paint Stroke panel in the UV/Image Editor paint settings

Ah thanks. I had to press N in the UV image window. Was unaware that i would get a different panel.
Unfortunately my idea has not worked.
Tiled textures is one thing, and tiled terrains seems to be another. The UVs are not lining up from one mesh to the next.

I think i am just going to have to stick with tiling and just make merging textures for edges where path meets grass, mountain meets ground etc.