Wrapping a bandage..?

I’m trying to wrap a bandage, but can’t seem to get it just right. I’ve read clean3d’s Wrapping Vines tutorial, and have been playing with a flattened cube and the Array, Curve, and Shrinkwrap modifiers, but haven’t gotten any useful results.

Has anyone managed this before?

Do you need the wrap to be an entirely seperate object? Back In my heyday, I think I used extrude to make it look like a wrap. hmmmm… Whats the problem with using the curve modifier?

I think I’ve found a workable solution using an Array modifier and a Shrinkwrapped Curve modifier, but it’s sort of tricky to control. It’s probably just a matter of getting used to working with Curves; I’m going to play around with it a bit and see what I can do.

I thought about extruding too, but won’t it look too uniform? I’m very interested though, and would really appreciate an example if you get a chance!

Here’s an example .blend I made, if you’re still interested in trying that technique.


To edit the bandage, simply go into edit mode on the curve and change things to how you need them. Retopo must be turned on for the curve to stick to the surface of your object, and you can press “t” with curve points selected to change the tilt.

Hope this helps!

Just put a plane (in the shape of a bandaid) close to the finger (or whatever body part you want to put the bandaid on. And then put the “Shrinkwrap Modifier” on the bandaid. And have it’s “Ob” set to the name of the finger object. The bandaid will then place itself perfectly on the finger object. You can adjust settings for how far away or how close you want the bandaid to stick. good luck!

you could also make it with retopo