Wrapping a plane around a cylinder... how?


I’m currently trying to animate a plane wrapping around a cylinder, but can’t quite get it to work… so here’s hoping someone on this forum can help… :slight_smile:

What would be the best way of going about this? I’ve experimented with the curve deform modifier which works nicely, i.e. I can wrap the plane as planned, however I’m not able to get the curve to actually animate. Isn’t it possible to set keyframes for curve deformations?

I also tried setting shape keys for the curve-deformed plane. Didn’t work, of course… apparently the shape keys only “see” the undeformed mesh…

I’d be thankful for any tips… :slight_smile:


Deform the Curve with RVK’s:



Short answer but to the point… those tutorials are great, thank you. :slight_smile: