Wrapping texture around a cylindrical object


I’m trying to wrap a texture around a cylindrical object, but I’m having trouble doing it in a seamless way. My goal is to wrap a texture over the hilt of a sword I’m creating. The pics below show what I’m talking about.
I’m a beginner in Blender, but I’ve grown very fond of it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!



What does the UV map look like?

Thanks for replying so fast, TiagoTiago

If you take a look at the pics above (first post), you’ll see the image I’m trying to wrap and also the hilt of the sword. The first pic also shows the seam in the hilt.
Does that answer your question?

Go into edit mode, select all faces and take a screenshot with the image editor in view please.

All right, here you are. I found a way to make the consecutive seams almost imperceptible, by overimposing the nodes (points).
The picture does NOT show that, but the front and rear faces separately.

Problem is, I can’t make make the outer ones coincide, so there’s always a seam.

Have you tried unwrapping it with cylindrical projection and then manipulating that map?

I have tried unwrapping it with a cylindrical projection and then unfolding it to the UV/Image Editor. I tried to manipulate the map (the grid from the face unwrapping?), but it didn’t work.
The best option so far has been the direct view unwrapping, with front and rear faces separated, but I would like to know if there’s a better way to do it.

Select a single row of verts down one side, and also along the circle of verts at the top there, Ctrl E and mark seam, and then U to unwrap - you should be able to get a single flat unwrap for matching to your image


Thanks a lot for you post, but… Whaaat? I’m sorry, I’m just too newbie in Blender… I don’t think I’ve got it straight.
You’re saying that I should do that after unfolding, using a direct view projection? Could you please explain it a bit more? Thanks in advance!

Mark the seams with Ctrl-E like I have the selection, then just pressing U to Unwrap, I get the layout like the second pic - very easy to line up to the image you are using to get a wraparound effect



OOOOOHHHHH… Now I see! But how did you manage to get the trunk conical shape unfolded like a rectangle? Mine always come out as part of a circle… Or are you using a regular cylinder?
How would you do it in a cylindrical object like mine, where you have multiple radii?

It should still work close to what I ahve - the idea is that the seam on the side as well as the seam along the circle edge at the top will allow you to get a more controlled flat area to work with, and even if not as even as mine, you can then select rows of verts in the uv editor and use the alignment tools in the W menu to straighten them and get them cleaner. You simply need to have the bulk of your grip open like that so that you can get the wrap around effect.

Craig and TiagoTiago

Thank you very much for your help. I think I’ve got it now. Let me show you what I’ve accomplished, thanks to your advice.

This shows the hilt of the sword, almost seamless. Even better than the beginning of the thread, of course.
You can see that there’s still one of the filaments missing in the bottom of the image. I’ll deal with that later.

And this is the front part of the hilt. As expected, a few distortions (mainly in the bottom), but nothing that can’t be dealt with later.

So, I have to thank you both very much for your valuable advice, and I think we can consider it solved. Once again, THANKS A LOT! :D:yes: