Wreck in progress: Ludwig

Name: KGLSKDuio;fxg.kgj969843;oi (translates to: Ludwig)

Part 1: Crappy modelling and some messed up texturing

Part 2: More brain dead texturing and Hair particle stuff

Part 0: How the eyeballs were made (these I made a while back and stuck them onto the model which I am working on right now):

hate me on ArtStation:

More visual disturbances…
It got a Jaw this time in Session 3:

…full on collision PART4:

…wheels came off…

…went to the dentist and the dermatologist…

from here on I might have around 3 more vids to spam later on, on some apparel… and some fine tuning on stuff.
I started calling the character Ludwig, just because it was the first name that came to my mind.