Wreck of the Titanic




This is my current project I am working at rendered in Cycles (only 200-500 samples as long as it is WIP).

All “Rusticles” and dirt thingies are made with particle-systems. I only modeled 8-15 objects, but displaying ~100,000 objects with the particle system :smiley:
The submersible is still lacking of detail. Also the Titanic wrack needs much more “junk” and pieces of wreckage. Also the interior and top of the Titanic need to be modeled more detailed.

The light is a very difficult approach in Cycles as there is the lack of the volumetric lightning. Until now I use a Cone with a simple particle system to simulate the spotlight lighten up the dust in the seawater…

I know these are very dark renderings; remember that original footage is much more darker and limited, so this is an artificial view of the wreck.

Tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Only for understatement here is a very unrealistic, but brighter version:

If you are not familiar with the wreck, here is an original picture:

Looks very nice, texturing looks very good. How well does cycles perform for the particles?

looks epic; today i learned through twitter that some people didn’t know the titanic was real o_O can you believe that? look forward to seeing more :smiley:

I havent experienced any problems with the particles and Cycles is rendering pretty fast in my point of view (though I have not the best PC for rendering)

what the…? :smiley:
Thanks! I am also working on the sinking of the Lusitania. But for the Titanic I find only the wreck interesting

can you show node set up for the rust icycles?

and in which SVN did you do this and how tos et up the particules for cycles?



@ piccobello

Looking good.

Looks very realistic! Wow, that’s a really detailed rust texture you have on there.

If I disagree on anything it would be how you said your last render was “very unrealistic.” =D

brilliant work so far, the texturing and everything is great. cant wait to see more


Well, not much magic behind this. Its no branch, just the normal Blender version. The node-setup is pretty boring, just a texture on the object.
The particle system is actually rendering a group. Children didnt work so well, but thats less a problem of cycles than a problem with my options.
So I set the emission very high (to 100,000 or similar) and displaying only 3% of the particles. Also, I am only displaying the bounding box of the particles, otherwise my PC would probably explode :smiley:



Thanks again :slight_smile:
Well “unrealistic” was only in comparison to the original lightning. The wrack rests in the deep-sea, which means there is no sun-light passing through the water anymore, its completely dark. Even the spotlights of submersibles can only lighten up a radius of 15 metres (I guess)

The complete wreck is only textured with one texture. Most detail comes with the rusticles and dirt (which have the same texture). I made it from a normal (brownish) rust texture and added more blue-color to underline boost the atmosphere. I will have to work a bit on it, so it doesnt get too repetitive, but it looks really good in High-Res :slight_smile:



sorry did not sue thsi set up yet for particules
did niot even know it was already working in cycles!LOL

so here you sue a rust image UV map
but how did you get the particules to be UV map ?

can you if possible uplaod a sample file with a simple model using this particules with cycles nodes set up
it would make it a lot easier to look at it in a file and try to understand it !

but definitively an interesting way of doing it !

nice work

Sure :slight_smile: I hope this makes it easier to understand, if it is still not understandable, just ask me!

so simple !

ok i did a render see pic

ok i see you also added a cycle image texture to each object on the second layer
so when you re upload the image you get the right color !

any idea if simple particules works like that also ?
or if possible in cycles ?

one note i think your supposed to pass the color through a RGB to BW node before going to the displacement input !


Did you add a image texture node to the objects (I packed one, but perhaps I failed)?
Though, I am not sure what you mean by “simple particles”, do you mean normal emission and/or hair?

Yeah it should pass the RGB>BW, but I saw that it also works without (dont know why)

yes i did see that there was some packed images inside
whne i check the layers 2 objects in the node editor
and i unpack these then did some changes justto see how it work

and it’s nice to see cycle works with particules now !

thanks for the file i learn more using cycles today

happy blendering

Well, true. Compared to my renders it looks quite spectacular though.