Wrectified Current Gameplay - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Wrectified Current Gameplay - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED -

Feedback is REQUIRED (J/k)

Enjoy - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B29hKf6-B52cZWJJclRJVmptbHM/view?usp=sharing

This is the last tech demo, the next version will be a playable game

WASD - move

space = jump

Shift + w = run

Shift + S = duck

E = hack enemy head if they don’t have a target

R = grab navtarget of non hostile navigation core

R - with weapon = reload

Right click = Aim

Right Click + Q = Actor swap

Right Click + left click = Fire weapon or place navtarget

(later hacking and placing navtarget will be done on a Rufus Cuff http://rufuslabs.com/)

The robot with legs looks great.

runs fine on my low end computer dual core 2.3 ghz. turning on a and d feels weird when you allready have mouselook. put sidestep on it. how can i use a gun?

I need to check to see if this is after I removed mouse over pick up,

if you hold ctrl and the mouse pops up, just left click a weapon.

the newer system, you hold right mouse and a beam is emmitted out
of the hand, and it pops up a highlight object if you can pick up the item.