wretch variation - gears of war

hello everyone :slight_smile:

this is my very first time posting here, though ive been following your posts every now and then, and some works too. got some nice lessons from the sites, and its a very good place for reasorces.

well, thought to submit to you one of my old works - its a wretch from gears of war - i used a wireframe from the original game as a blueprint.

well, since it was one of my very first works (did it with a couple months of blender, been using it for 3 or 4 months now), id like you guys to give an opinion, and tell me what could be improved in the model - aside obviously from the texturing, cos at the time i didnt even know how to apply two different texs to the same model :smiley:

so, here it goes. its not finished yet, as it hasnt the arms done. and i have to take that mirror modifier off, it makes me mad when it comes to pose the char :ba: (lol, nice emoticon haha)






will be posting other works that may look more mature :smiley:

Looks great, especially for a first model.

You have a few areas where there is some pinching (like the top of the arms and the feet), making it look a mess. If you find the mesh editing smooth tool too dramatic you can use the sculpt mode smooth tool for a more controlled smoothing.

hey LoopyShane, thanks for the answer :smiley:

yea, coincidentally yesterday while copying a model from the blender open project Sintel, i learned how to use efficiently the sculpt smooth tool. thankns for the tip, will be using it in the pinched areas right away, and will post the results asap :smiley:

there you go, some fast modifications.

made them straight into the mesh, instead of using the sculpt tool, since there were many vertices that had to be merged, and many stuff to be corrected :o



remember, this is an old work, at the time i did this i didnt even take that much into consideration edge loops and sorts haha :no: