Wrinkles #1

Dude! :grimacing:
Dumping 23 pieces into the forum at once is not cool. You could have bundled them into one or several threads.
But I guess you want attention.
I am not so sure if the attention you’ll get is what you want as a moderator might interpret this behavior as spamming and I can hardly blame him/her.
Doesn’t help that all of these works are very rudimentary and kinda random.
You ever heard the sayings less is more and quality over quantity?

Oh, shit. I was asked to update the tags for the 2021 awards. I had no idea it would publish every update on the main forum. Super sorry.

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Ok, so that’s why they have an older publishing date which made me scratch my head and I assumed something fishy is going on, like some bot action or something…
But yeah, mistakes happen. It seems like some mod already cleaned up behind you. :laughing:
All is cool. :ok_hand:

No big problem here - it’s a result of the tagging that we asked people to do. Technically I can reset the post date, but TBH it’s a lot of work and I have better things to do :slight_smile:

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