Wrist rigging

How can I setup a wrist rotation in Blender like in this video ? Seems so simple and yet so good. www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5ZmVtUNYuU .

If you want it like the setup he uses, you’ll probably need to add a driver to a newly created bone. Let’s call it WD (Wrist Driver). You’d want to drive it so that when you rotate WD along the X or Y axes, it ‘passes on’ that rotation to the actual (deformer) wrist bone. You’ll then also want to pass on any rotation on the Z axis to the forearm.
If you don’t mind faking it, set the forearm bone to be a highly segmented (5-10) B-bone. Then when you twist the wrist the forearm will gradually follow suit.

I really like the idea of his setup, so I’ll be sure to try it out sometime. Thanks for the link and good luck!

Thanks for the reply Senshi. I’ll try add the driver,and setup my rig.