Writer with script looking to create an animated feature film TOTALLY in BLENDER

Hi all,

I have two scripts I have written that I believe would best be produced as an animated film. These are not shorts but are feature films, one being a Poeian Horror (of sorts) while the other is a superhero adventure film. I know these will be huge undertakings and may be years before they are finished but I’d like to see them completed nonetheless. Unfortunately, I am not an artist in the Blender sense. I am a comedian, writer, director and have never done an animated film before.

Now that most of you are running for the door, my question is this: are there artists with Blender experience who would be willing to commit to these two films? I cannot guarantee anything up front but will create a contract that guarantees a share in whatever monies are made (if any). That would include anything made on any media sales (DVD, internet, etc), or video games that come out of it.

There is a film on the Blender YouTube page called Sintel (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRsGyueVLvQ). I may be asking a lot but this the leve of quality I am looking for. If anyone is interested, I would need you to sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to my sending you a copy of the script. Please let me know by email at [email protected] with a link to any work you have done.

Thank you

Peter Cianfarani

Hello, Peter. I am a fellow animation writer and not an artist. I wish you the best of success; to get into much more detail would make this a “me too!!!” message. Your original post ranks high on Google when searching “animated feature script” without quotes…

I have taken the paths of attempting to find an agent (no luck yet), screenwriting contests (some success–look into MovieBytes), and seeking grant money to get tangible progress rolling (just starting the process, but there is money out there). You have probably pursued those avenues yourself; when you have any good news please share it!

Leave no stone unturned.

Hope this finds you well,
Andrew Garrett