"Writer's Block"

I would love to hear your thoughts. I am trying to improve my composition to create more interesting images. With this render, I experimented a bit with depth of field and chromatic aberration in order create the effect that the camera was zoomed in on the type-writer.

First of all, you.dont need to improve your composition to create more interesting images.,
Because this is so awesome, I like how the spider web looks, is it a mesh with a spider web texture, beside what is that key she just land on, I can’t really tell,
Anyway this is great keep it up

Hey, love the idea! And am honestly stunned by the spider’s legs :smiley: they look great.

I am a little annoyed by the webs, for they are clearly badly keyed and it really breaks the illusion for me.
Also just something to consider:

  • you could make the keys more “dense” (by using a longer lens maybe?) they look very far apart and especially if you want to achieve a zoomed in-effect a longer lens tends to “bring things closer together” I think it might give the image more compact and detailed look.
  • I usually applaud a modest color scheme, but I would throw in a little bit of some other color. Everything is just so brownishy-yellow even the reflections and to me it looks a little blend. Might be what you are going for and that’s fair enough, but still I think a little variety (nothing crazy) could make it more realistic and pleasant :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:

I think it’s heading into the right direction. If this typewriter was sitting for so long, the keys definitely need some dust on them, right now they look like somebody just polished them with shine 1 minute ago. You need to work more on the web, this resolution might work for a scene where the web is not the focus, but here is all about the web, I would suggest model it from scratch the main part, at least. Also the spider looks too CGI, my take is that you used the same material on the whole spider, you need some variation there. Also the webs on the bottom of the screen look very weird, like they are suspended in air. Can’t wait to see the update.

Thanks, I am glad you like the render! The spiderwebs are actually alpha-masked planes that I learned from a tutorial by Gleb Alexandrov. I have attached the link below.

I have an additional image which is farther zoomed out and makes it easier to tell which key the spider has landed on. Here are the images.

Thanks for the advice - I’ll make those adjustments! I agree about the poorly keyed alpha masks for the spider webs, but I found it difficult to improve them at higher samples. If you have any suggestions here, they would be much appreciated!

Thanks again!

Ideally of course, you would model the web from scratch as NeverTilt sugested. However that is no easy task (at least for me) and might be worthy of a standalone project first…

So you can try “cheating” a little. I assume you are using a mix with transparent factorred by a color ramp. You can make the black output a lot whiter. The web will be partially transparent and as the result the flaws should be less visible. Or add in a translucent node for the same effect. The web looks too prominent anyway and shouldnt be 100% opaque IRL IMHO. Or look for a better texture…
That’s all I’ve got, sorry.

love the concept.
modeling looks good to. I think the spider could be a little bigger. The keys are too shiny as previously mentioned. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen typewriter keys in red brass. The web definitely needs work and I think the keys would benefit from have black enamel tops with white lettering instead of the metallic look you have. Hope my input helps.:eyebrowlift2:

Makes me wish I’d thought of this (me being a writer as well). I immediately connected with the message, but of course I came up with a few ideas of my own I would have worked in there (but I won’t mention them because this is your piece).

One thing that struck me was the wrinkled look of the reflections on the sides of the keys. Wouldn’t those reflections be flatter? It’s been so long since I’ve seen a real typewriter, I simply can’t remember.