Writing a Camera Animation import script for Blender 2.7x?

Hi All

I have just upgraded to PFTrack 2015 from the older version 5- the previous version had a direct Blender export option that generated a python script that worked beautifully once imported into Blender 2.49b.

The new version does not have an existing Bender export script but does give the option to create your own using a python export node.
Most of the PFTrack exports for other softwares are Python based. For example it can create a Nuke.py but not a Nuke.chan which I see can be imported into the current version of Blender.

I am intimidated by scripting as I am just a button pusher but I am trying to establish a framework by which I can figure out this one off scripting task.
I am trying to figure out what has changed in the Python world between Blender 2.49 and 2.70 as my old python scripts generated by PFTrack will not work in Blender 2.7.

The PFTrack documentation provides what looks like all of the relevant expressions at that end and I am now trying to discover what Blender needs- to read camera animation and point clouds on the import side.

I have found a lot of Python for Noobs material online but at present it is quite daunting.

Would anyone be able to help narrow my searches and shallow out the learning curve?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.