writing tutorials for BGE for educational use

want to make tutorials for BGE used specifically for educational animations.
thought i would 1st have a simple tutorial highlighting the main features of BGE in order to motivate ppl to use Blender more for the same. only then getting into the technicalities of it.

was wondering what all points about BGE should i cover (should be simple not very technical and make the opposite person interested in it)?

also was preparing certain .blend files to demonstrate (ball bouncing till rest,ball sliding etc)? something more interesting that some1 has made or that i should make and include (has to be a example related to education)?

thank you,
happy blendering

I recommend to add some visuals (images, videos). Not that much, but to have some eyecatchers. Make it in a way, that users read it as:

“After reading this tutorial, I will be able to do exactly that - wow.”

Eyecatchers shouldn’t be to simple (bad lighted cubes) but not to complicated too. There will be not that much people out there who can model a full animated realistic looking character (even if we all wish we could learn it in 5 minutes :wink: ).

Just my opinion

ya sure… will keep that in mind!