Writing Works

Well, I’m currently writing a book, which is actually probably going to end up as 3 books. It’s a fantasy-type story, and I’m still (after 2 years) putting together the languages and maps. Recently, I started redoing the languages and basing them off of existing ones to make it sound at least a little better.

This is the prologue; it’s very rough, of course, as I’m trying to get the basic outline of the book down before I fill it in more. (Of course I already have the storyline for all 3 books, but this is adding a bit more detail than that).

Once I’ve covered all the chapters this way, I’ll go back and tweak them, in addition to adding a lot more description and dialogue to give more information (which will obviously make the chapters a lot longer than this :p)

Here’s the link: http://ben-a-literaryworks.blogspot.com/2011/07/prologue.html

Ha. I’ve been writing a whole bunch of stories.

One you may all know is Proog’s story which is here on these forums.