Wrong Chip by PRTLA / Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk / techno against ideologies!

Made on Blender!
PRTLA – Wrong Chip (Sci-Fi + Techno) CG video
Hi everyone after a year of work and 9300 renders aprox, finally I finish this project, C&C are welcome, also let me know what you think about the message.

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WOW! What a lot of work. Very nice. Good job.

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Thanks stilltrying!

It is really good! You put a lot of work in it. I don’t know if I would have the nerves to work on a project for such a long time :joy:
I think it is a very good message. You could analyse it and make a lot of comparisons to the real world, which means it’s a great work.
(sorry for my bad english)

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Thanks (someone in the crowd)! If you get the message and understand it, worth the time!

thanks ! all C&C are welcome!

animation Up!