wrong rotation in particles ?

Hi all,

Please someone take a look at this file and tell me how to get it right :

the aim is easy to see, I just want the particles to be EXACTLY the same as the original, which has an animation, a simple rotation, but the particles system seems to rotate the green cone using GLOBAL references while I want to use the blue cone has a reference, and this for each duplicated particles, which leads to a completly wrong rotation.

Red and Green cone are parented to the blue one, which is parented to the icosphere, for Dupliverts.


It does exactly what the settings say it should do. Only the Green one has Rot IPO’s and it’s rotating thru the red one to get to the other side of the blue.

If you want to change which axis to rotate around you can find a combination of Track and UP in the F7 Object Buttons, for example, make The Green cone Y-UP not X-UP, and see it doesn’t go thru the red.


no, no, no, I’m not talking about the Track and Up settings, it’s not that that does matter, if you look at the original, yes the green one rotate into the red one, but if you look a the different particles then you’ll see some where the green one rotate partialy into the red or partialy into the blue or completly in the blue, all the duplicated rotate aroud the global up axis of blender worlds, if you look carefuly at the original object, the green part is ALWAYS in touch with the blue one as it rotate, but look at the duplicated ones you can clearly see that somes green part do NOT touch the blue one any more, therefore they are not like the original anymore.

That’s the point, the duplicated are NOT EXACTLY like the original.

It’s like Blender copy the object first and then apply the animation, while it should first apply the animation and then copy the object.


I’ve added a disk to the scene, just look a the original object and compare it to the Duplivert particles … Obvious now ?


Ok, I see now. I’ll look at it again but nothing I try fixes it right now. I’ll look again tonight.

Sorry, I didn’t see your last post till now, so I didn’t download it. See if this file does what you expected:



It’s the same problem, with different settings, lol :smiley:

Try look at the scene from the top view, it still rotare the Green globaly, and the Dupliverted copies are still differents from the original.

Thanks for help =-)

There is a bug. I turned off Normal Velocity and tried Texture. It did’nt do what I expected so I changed it back and this is what I got:



Yes, it is the expected result, except I’d like this with the ‘Vect’ ON.

How can I fill a bug report for that ?



You’ll need to register.