Wrong side

I’ve just started using Blender again after a long time of no 3D stuff at all. Got a new book, got the new version, and I’ve been playing around for a few days. It’s mostly coming back to me, and the new stuff is cool. But I’ve just done something silly, and it seems so simple, but I can’t figure out how to fix it I’m modeling a creature, and on the back of the head, down near the neck, I’ve got a string of four vertices that have crossed the center line while I wasn’t paying attention. Clearly, I had them selected and didn’t realize at some point. I’ve got mirror on, which is cool and helpful, but I can’t figure out how to return those vertices to the midline. I mean, I can drag them about till it looks kinda right, but…it never looks really right, and watching the coordinates isn’t helping because at 0, there’s a hole in the mesh. Anyone?


You could use Do Clipping in the mirror modifier panel. It merges the vertices in the middle to prevent them from crossing over or getting too far away.


Yes, that did it. It did some weird things to the midline though. The midline is now…much more visible. But I can fiddle with it. Heck, I’ll probably even use that to my advantage. Icky detail, doncha know.


edit: Yeah, you know this guy.


Your welcome, I like helping people only to find out it worked! :smiley: Nice model :rolleyes: :smiley:

Certainly, it’s much better than helping someone and discovering that your advice turned their high-poly clockwork robot mesh into a ball of fuzz. :eyebrowlift2: Oh, and…thank you. Time to work on the body. I’ve kind of painted myself into a corner by modeling the head straight out of a cube and leaving an open extrusion for the neck. I have nothing good to play with, so I’m having trouble deciding how to proceed. I’m thinking about filling the open end to close the mesh and working the body out of that. What do you think?


I don’t really know. :eyebrowlift2: When I make a character I usually start with a cube with a couple extrudes and add loop cuts and move the vertices around til I get what I want. Then merge the head’s neck verts with the body’s neck verts and continue playing around til I get what I’m looking for. Probably not the best way to go about doing it, but it works for me. Everyone has their own way of going about it I guess.

Another way to sort out the center verts…

Go to top view, select the edge loop then - assuming your in the x plane for the centre, (s)(x)(0)
that will align all the verts in the x plane. while this edge loop is still selected use (shift)+(s) and choose cursor to selection.

Go to object mode and in the mesh panel click center cursor.

That will tidy it up.

The seam could be caused by an internal face. If not, the best way to get rid of the ridge is when you apply the mirror, do two loop cuts (on either side of the ridge and really close) then seelct the middle edge loop and (x)-edge loop)

You do have to check that this doesnt distort the rest of your mesh…
hope this makes sense


Ah, I like that edge loop idea. I think the seam is mostly showing because it’s just not lined up very well. There don’t seem to be any internal faces (though I did have trouble with that earlier). But like I said, I think I can make it work like this.


If you have a mirror and a subsurf modifier on the mesh, make sure to put subsurf after (below) mirror to get rid of seams in the middle.