Wrong textures displayed.

I’m at my wits end. [SUB](Sometimes it’s a short trip.)[/SUB]

I’ve got a project with six objects. Each has its own UV map and texture PNG. When I render the scene (F12), when I choose Rendered in the 3D Viewport (Z-9) and when I choose Material in the 3D Viewport (Z-7), everything looks perfect. But when viewing Textures (Z-8) in the 3D Viewport, one object is displaying another object’s PNG (but using its own UV map) and two objects are pure white. Also, when I export these incorrectly displayed objects as VRML2 files, the incorrect textures are exported with them. (This is my biggest problem, as I’m putting these models up on Shapeways. If the render was all I was worried about, I could work with this and it would just be a weirdness I could work around. As it is, my models are now unusable for the purpose I made them.)

I’ve been over every setting I can find in the Materials and Textures panels in the Properties view, and I can’t see anything wrong. (At least, what I’m seeing is consistent between the correctly-displayed objects and the incorrectly-displayed ones.) Is there something specific that I should be looking at? What have I done to deserve this? (I assume I’ve done something wrong and there’s some option somewhere that’s set incorrectly.)