WTF is a Blend@ file!?!?!

Wow, I made a great model and was starting to set up a scene and I did a little CTRL S and it told me that it could same the @, there is no @ anywhere in the name of the file, so I looked at the file in a window and my blend file has the extension “.blend@”, HOW THE HELL DID THIS CRAP HAPPEN?!?!?!? WTF IS “.blend@”?!?!?!?!?

Always safe to assume operator error…

cant find the exact line of code right now but from memory blend@ is written to then renamed once its finished. somehow this failed, usually this happened to me when running out of disk space

Yeah except when there’s no freakin’ way I could have saved it that way, it was saved as a normal “.blend” when I first saved it, no @ symbols in it at all, then when I did the overwrite save it tried to save it as a “.blend@”, I never added the @ to it, there’s no way that could have happened unless I put it there, which I didn’t, even the backup file was screwed up, oh and guess what, while I was still in the file, before I closed it out I tried to “Save As” something else, same crap happened.

I’m running blender 2.49 x64 on Vista (Yeah I know, I don’t need an OS lecture).

Thanks, that actually makes some sense, problem is I have tons of disk space, maybe I should give the good ol’ reboot a try.

I’ve had it happen to me a few times. Typically it’s what blender calls the intermediate file while saving. First it creates the .blend@ file, and then when it has finished saving it converts it back to a .blend file. If the save process is interrrupted usually my computer freezes and I’m forced to force quit blender, it leaves the .blend@ file. All you have to do is remove the @ from the file name and it’ll be good to go.

How abouts do I go doing that? It won’t allow me to rename it.

Just a guess but what if you rename file.blend to file.blend.bak, then rename file.blend@ to file.blend?
If it doesn’t help try to rename it via commandline.

ren .blend@ file.blend

Make sure that no program is using the file (quit Blender before trying to rename the file…)

never happened to me, we are always learning :slight_smile:

should’t be something in wiki like common errors or something, i never found this information anywhere.

as always, blender comunity is like lucky luck, shooting solutions almost as fast as they appear :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it’s also a bit about common knowledge, a lot of programs save their files this way :slight_smile:

(but usually, you don’t see it)

hi, I had this happen also.
It happened when saving user defaults.
spitting out an error saying unable to save, saving as ‘.B.blend@.’
In that case i renamed ‘.B.blend’ to ‘a.B.blend’ first. then removed the @ from the error file.

I’ve had this happen too. I don’t think it’s caused me any problems though. It’s often when I’ve been rendering a blend file on one computer whilst editing it on another and trying to save while my render box was still using it. Which is probably a silly thing to do really.

Never had any trouble with renaming it though.

I’ve found this pop up when working off Dropbox. When the Dropbox is not syncing it seems to work fine but when the drop box is switched on I have to save my file twice to get rid of this “blend@” issue. I haven’t a clue what the technical explanation for it is but maybe this info might help.

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11 Years late

In my experience it’s when saving a file that’s still being saved (larger files) or hasn’t finished uploading to Dropbox when you save (again)

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“Syncing” can sometimes produce problems like this – depending on exactly when-and-why the software decides that it’s time to do so.

Now, I haven’t looked at the Blender source code, but it’s common for many programs, when they are saving a file, to first save it to a slightly-different name, then to “rename the files into place” if the attempt was successful. This keeps you from accidentally overwriting a “real” file with an incomplete and therefore useless content “if something goes wrong in the midd…” :wink:.

(It also trivializes the keeping of “multiple versions,” as Blender also does.)

But, if the synchronizer saw that such a file existed, it might easily try to copy it to the cloud and it wouldn’t know better. (It also might be misled if files got renamed at the wrong moment.)

For that reason among others, I usually don’t use “[automatic] synchronizers” with these services. (Regardless of what I’m doing or why …) When I want a new file [version] to be uploaded, I will tell it to, knowing that all of the data that it now sees is “good to go.” And I’ll carefully wait until the sync is complete.

I couldn’t find any solution that works for me, so after 45 minutes figuring it, here’s how I did it (because this error did not save changes that I made in the file). I would suggest doing this ONLY IF you couldn’t find any other way to retrieve your hard work:

Best way to keep this short is to remember to choose Save As… immediately (if you meet this error) before you close the file, and give the file a new name, making it an independent file.

If you still close it without Save As (or Save As did not work), and you figure out that everything hasn’t been saved, choose the @ file that Blender created and choose Open With Blender, the file will appear to show nothing other than light source and some viewport lines. Still, press Ctrl S to save it.

Blender will create another file of this .blend@ file, called .blend@1, along with that the .blend@ you opened before will probably become a .blend@1, which is two .blend@1 files.

Move the original .blend1 and .blend files to the Recycle Bin (don’t delete it permanently if anything goes wrong). Then, choose one of those 2 .blend@1 file, change it extension to .blend1, change the other .blend@1 file to .blend. After that, open the new .blend file.

(To change the extension, in the View of File Explorer, tick the “File name extensions”. Or visit this site:

After saving and closing the new .blend file, if you see the document showing 2 .blend1 file again, refresh the file view (Of the Windows File Explorer). It should be normal again. This might be a bug, but I don’t know about programming or anything.

Hope this helps!