WTF? Parenting Problem?

Alright, so I have my car body, and wheels parented to an empty sitting in the middle of the car. It looks like this before:

But when I press P it does this:

I have no idea what I’ve done wrong and if this has happened to anyone else, is there a fix or am I just doing it wrong?


NVM… No fix.

Well, it looks nice like that :slight_smile:
No, I’m joking
Probably a vertices/groups problem
Can you post a .blend

NVM… No fix.

did you fix it? explain what the problem was if someone else has got the same

Select the objects individually and hit CTRL-A.

Ctrl+A doesn’t work on Empties, so unparent stuff from it and hit Alt+S/G/R.

@Sim88, No… I thought I did but I forgot to parent everything again :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll post a .blend in a few minutes.

@Arr & Toomai, I did what you said and it worked for the car body and the wheels but they won’t rotate without going crazy…