WTF?? (Windows Vista)

Does this mean that I no longer have to activate vista?

sounds good to me

It looks to me like they still require you to activate it, it’s just that they’re not going to keep popping up warnings like XP did:

Vista is still a lot like XP (registry file, dlls with stupid names and activation), they’ve just copied the interface from someone else again and made it worse again.

Win 98 was the peak for Windows, it all just snowballed down from then on.

I’m so glad that I crossed to Linux two months ago. Finally, I won’t have to spend money on crap wrapped in shiny tin foil (aka Windows Vista).

Oh c’mon, stay reasonable. Windows didn’t peak with 98. It’s was a DOS frontend with a crippled TCP/IP stack and it was unstable as hell.
In contrast XP certainly has been a good product for everyday use, despite some of the nastier security holes that arose over the years. What bugs me most about Vista is for one the enourmous hardware hunger, which if you have a look what can be achieved with cheap, integrated chipsets using AIGLX on the linux side is just laughable. Besides that I’ll at least try Vista (if I get my hands on a hardware beast that is). Keep your friends close, … :wink:

skypa (who fully migrated to debian and now ubuntu 5 years ago).

Well, its not bugging me anymore about activation and it no longer says i have a certain amount of days left. I think i disabled the timer. It still needs to be activated to recieve updates though.

Blender runs okay, i dont see what the big deal is. If anything the game engine is what is at a loss. It’s extremely slow.

Vista isnt so bad, it just needs polishing. There are a lot of innovative interface additions and it’s pretty stable. Oddly enough, explorer.exe in vista takes up less RAM than explorer.exe in XP. Strange… 6 mb in Vista and 11 mb in XP. You’d figure it would suck up more resources.

WTF?? (Windows Vista)
I figured it would only be a matter of time before these two phrases were used together…

Yeah … Windows Vista = Win Tows Fista

I just got a whole new hardware set with high specs, and then downloaded vista RC1. But hey it doesn’t run cause there are no mo’board drivers for it!

My ass there are!!! looking at that spiffy desktop of yours, it looks like a mac desktop with the widgets up, but with a newer looking startbar. what’s that take, like, 10 min? some guy could have copy and pasted the mac os, photoshopped the start bar, added 5mb of redundant code and voila!! windows vista! microsoft used to be my idol, now they just suck. vista is 4 years too late, mac already has all those nifty functions implemented. same goes for explorer, all the core of firefox, but done horribly. EVERYONE DOWNLOAD FIREFOX 2 TOMORROW!! YAY!! seriously, microsoft really has to get on the ball.

Seriously you could’ve said the same thing without such a provoking attitude. I certinaly hope that this thread doesn’t devolve into a flame war.

Maybe there are better things for all of us to do.

Microsoft has a lot of things still to sort-out with Vista, not the least of which is how to figure out to get enough people to actually buy it, instead of sitting on the fence with older releases. Not everyone has a high speed Internet connection. Is Microsoft really prepared to try to get a 50-odd byte hexadecimal code from a seventy-three year old grandmother who is hard of hearing? Or someone whose primary language is Mandarin? At four o’ clock in the morning, West Coast time? (Or do you intend to shove off that disagreeable chore over to someone who speaks Hindu?)

I frankly think that Microsoft has been looking at declining sales-figures and a generally lackluster market-performance and they’ve been lured into thinking the same thing people do when sales turn sour: “it must be rampant piracy!!” :rolleyes: Uh uh. It’s just that there are many more alternatives than there used to be, and your product doesn’t measure up. Making your product harder to install is only going to make it worse. Maybe, much worse.

Why not concentrate your efforts on delivering the damm thing? :smiley:

“Competition sucks, don’t it?” Boo. Hoo.

Is anyone else experiencing an issue with Vista where, in blender only, when you use the scroll wheel on the mouse, you can only zoom out?? It also only goes to the left when you hold shift, and the same for everything else that the mouse wheel can help control. Its almost like Vista is only sending a certain signal to blender saying that the mouse wheel only goes one direction. I am a noob, so forgive me if this is not the right place to be posting this.

You see, thats the most commen misconception about all the different Windows. 98 was really crap, at the same time there was NT4, which I used to use, stable and powerfull and NT based, like 2000 and XP. 98 was dos based and really crap. For some reason MS marketed 98 to the general public, so most people used it and thought NT4 was not userfriendly, which of course was pure crap. NT4 had basically the same interface as 98, but being NT architecture, much much more stable.
Now, as far as you switching to Linux goes, that maybe something I could agree with. If only there was an archi viz open-source app…
Edit: Um, sorry, did not see the age of this post…