Ok this is seriously pissing me off to no end…

How the hell do I get the eye texture to work on both eyes?
Also, how do i DELETE all these damn materials?!?!?

Im attaching the model and the textures. Someone please set it up and then explain how you did it. I’m about ready to call it quits on Blender and 3d modeling. This isn’t the first time i’ve run into these problems


voltorb.blend (182 KB)

btw, the model is set up with one eye texturized. I just need the other eye, and to know how to delete the extra materials that were accidentally added. The texture is applied to the other eye, but the pupil part isn’t appearing and I’ve been messing with settings like crazy…If there’s away to just import an image and it would be in the right location, I’d like to know.

Here’s a picture of the problem
And I noticed closing out of Blender deleted the unused Materials


I’ll post something in a bit - I’m at work and currently have to do other things but should have something soon

I believe your problem is that your not using UVmaps and just relying on the texture itself to go where it should go, but in order to do that, you need to do a UV map.

Ok what I did was make your eye group into a UV texture. Basically I split the window, used the UV/image editor, and while in edit mode I hit U > project from view (bounds)

This made the eyes unwrap onto that eye image you had selected. I unselected the points and then hit L on the left side of the points (this is all in the UV/image window) to select the points on the left (make sure the mouse is near those points) I think mirrored those points M > mirror X. I then aligned the points to match that on the right, and placed them how I wanted over the eye

back in edit mode and in the shading menu, I went to the Material button (big red sphere next to the tiger skin) and under the MAP INPUT tab I selected UV, and then changed the way the image was layed out to flat, and not cubed. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!


voltorb.blend (218 KB)

OMG! Thank you so much! My mind is open and I finally understand! This saves sooo much time and is much easier. Thank you again! I’ve redone Voltorb, but below is the new version with what you showed me!


No problem - happy blending

Please try to be civil when asking questions, even when you’re frustrated. Thank you.