WW1 Mark I-IV Tank

Well, after the “success” (I’m very pleased with the result so i consider it a success for me. I don’t know what you think :slight_smile: ) of my A7V Panzerwagen (see my sig) and to continue on the same theme. I decided to model the Mark I-IV British tank of World War I.

I started out in the same way. I made the general outline and shape of the tank using blueprints and I am currently adding the small details and then the awesome job of riveting.

Here it is after 2hours of work today

Thanks in advance for your comments and advice

Any shots fomr any other angles?

What pics you using as refs BTW?

I can only find pictures of models of the I Mk I-V tank, not the real thing…

Damnedable google

Dodgy things they were. Are you going to put the wheels on the rear? They were on the earlier versions…supposedly to help steer…they weren’t there for long. :smiley: Good start, you might want to use some more anit aliasing. Great job though.

Thanks for the comments.

I havnt had time for a render from another angle because it was late last night so I’ll post other ones when I get back this afternoon.
I’m using the blueprints found on this website, as well as the pictures to guide myself in the details
And I found them with google :slight_smile:
So right now, more details, like hooks, armor plates and so on. then rivets, then textures