WW2 Punk Mech Style Guide

Hi there guys,

I’m working on a game which is supposed to be based on a post apocalyptic Britain taken over by AI. That’s a very rough theme direction I’m looking to go for, although I’m trying to narrow it down to something more specific.

I’ve always loved steam punk, but I was interested to see if there was any kind of WW2 punk out there. I’m not even sure the right term for that kind of theme, or if it exists. Any ideas to help me search reference images?

These images show pretty perfectly what I’m after. X-Punk mixed with mechs. That’s essentially what I’m going for.

Know of any places I can find more reference pictures like this?

Hint towards some style rules to stick to?

I’ve also tried searching for stuff like “ww2 concept drawings”. While also studying actual WW2 technology.

I guess it’s also important to look at other elements from that era.

such as in the first image, the little bar ladder on the side. The first model looks very well thought out and looks like some research was done before hand. The second one looks a little bit too round. The cockpit looks authentic though.

That literally makes no sense because I doubt ENIACS can…

You know what… okay

this is the same world where this is considered realistic in some circles so I will let it slide

So to answer your question

Look at steam punk images
look closely at what they all have in common
The gears the pipes and the actual steam
and find a way and incorporate that to what ever you are making

Or you can just replay wolfenstein the new order :wink:
but look at things more closely.

Well, I guess the first step is to understand what steam punk actually is, because I don’t want to exactly copy steam punk theme, but apply the same theory to a WW2 version of whatever steam punk actually is.

My understanding of steam-punk is that its sort of “futuristic technology” built with era correct manufacturing/tech/materials etc combined with what people from that era might expect futuristic technologies to look like. So the first picture again is a good example of that. It’s a “futuristic machine” that looks like it was built with WW2 manufacturing processes and materials.

So I suppose I should study era relevant manufacturing techniques and what actual materials and tools they had available. Stuff like that :slight_smile:

check the movie Iron Sky if you haven’t already, the (intentionally silly) plot is that WW2 Nazis escaped to the moon to plan an invasion of earth in the present day. So there is plenty of WW2-styled futuristic crap in that movie.

That was actually a good shout. I google search some images of the film and got some more decent reference pictures.

A lot of the images I’m finding while on this search are of Nazi machines. So I’m starting to build a picture of the backdrop of my game. Where instead of the Nazis being defeated in WW2, they finished a super weapon that would defeat the rest of Europe. They invented AI mechs. They won WW2 and the future of the world is completely different to how we know it now. In a way it is a little fitting. In reality, we were in a technology race with Germany. The tide of the war could have been so different. This story back drop could show an extreme outcome! :wink:

I think the term is “Diesel punk”.

of its for a game you are planning to distribute internationally i would advise you to watch game play from the old german versions of call of duty and/or medal of honor to see how they delt with it. german ww2 military insignia in some parts of the world, most significanly in germany and israel. the american versions are illegal there. if you dont have the budget in time or money to do separate versions go with the version that’s legal in the most restrictive place.

just look at some of the real stuff from ww2 such as the landkreuzer p. 1000 ratte.then imagine it as a transformer, and steampunk it up a bit. the nazis and americans/nato both had some very strange equipment in real life. you might find what you need as a real govt project.

aaaah, I thought I had heard that term thrown about :slight_smile:

Interesting point, I hadn’t thought about that before. That’s interesting how they are banned! I’ll keep that in mind for sure :slight_smile: