WWII model contest (noprizesorry)

Was watching the history channel and saw some computer generated planes, and thought hey this would be a fun challenge…

if i have at least 3 people interested (not including myself) by may 16th the contest will start…the sooner the better.


  1. WWII aircraft from any country (1935-1949)
  2. Once contest has started the time span will be two weeks!
  3. pic included of plane used

the reason why i make this short is for people who are not good in dropback images, and i want them to concetrate on the model not the scenary…

so let the modelers come in and lets start this baby asap…

Well this contest is going to start anyway…why? cuz this morning i started my model for it, p-38 lightning…

i have also extended the deadline by a week so its two weeks for this model contest

you can have scenery you just wont be judged on scenery, just the model.

good luck see you in two weeks unless anyone has comments, or see you in the works in progress forum

i would love to see this contest go underway but, the contest section is near deserted, so atleast wait awhile before u start. Id give it a week, so just lay off ur model for a week and start bak up when u get more replies.

sorry, i wasnt very clear. :-? I meant that u should wait a week before u start the contest.

sounds good to me i will post pone it untill we have a few more people, i will also post pone my model so i dont have any advantage or what not (even though im not the best)

ill post pone it at least a week

Lol, i love the wwii aircraft, can i participate? how I do for participate? the finish date?

for all interested just say so in this thread

and get the word out so we can have more people.

and when we get enough i guess we will start it

from the actual start date you will have two weeks to complete the model…

as stated scenery is ok but its the model that is being judged.

hope to start this competition soon so i can get to work on my Lightning

I am very new to modelling. I suppose I could give it a try but I think mine will and up as more of a…well…flying polygon :smiley:

guess it’s too late to enter now? only a month late…

I begun modeling a spitfire today… - now, i know this is an old thread, but i just thought i would say it… it is in the WIP section:
WIP Supermarine Spitfire

i’m brand new at Blender, so please if you comment, give some helping critics =)