X/A Apartments

Hi guys, would like to share with you my personal project. As usual, I found an interesting project on Archdaily and tried to replicate photos in 3D. For me, it´s the best way how to learn something new and increase my skills, through the process. In this case, I put the main focus on realistic evening lightning. Every building looks great during blue hour when cold blue meets a warm yellowish color.

I spent around 10 days with the project. The modeling part was pretty fast, as you can see the house itself is plain, easy to model and a lot of props I borrow from my older projects or I bought them. The tricky part was lighting, I made dozens of test renders and tried several different HDRi textures with various settings, till I was satisfied with the results.

As always, I created the scene in Blender and render it with Octane engine.

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The architect of the project is X/A atelier. Original photos and more information about the building you can find here: https://bit.ly/2XLLZI5

The scene is lit with HDRI textures from No emotion


The model of a super detailed road bike is from Szymon Kubicki. You can download the bike and give him appreciation here: https://bit.ly/2LGvTND

If you have some questions about the project, Blender, Octane, the meaning of life or something else, don´t hesitate to ask in comments or send me a message.



Amazing work!. Excellent textures and the lighting tests payed off.

Curious about your choice of using Octane.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Great…photos ?! :wink:

Amazing work. Crazy what you can achieve with solid rendering principles and good reference! Hard to believe it isn’t a photo.

If you haven’t heard of it, an addon called “Photographer” seems like it might be something you’d enjoy. It gives much more familiar (to photographers) controls over the camera settings in Blender.

Good work!
39_denoised is excellent.

Thank you very much Smilebags, for kind words as well as for tip for addon, will try it

Thank you FletcHR :slight_smile: it looks I have to spend more time naming my pictures :smiley:

I like the name! Very meta :wink:

Great renders.