(X-Men) Lady DeathStrike (not finished)

hey guys, I’m new to blenderartists, and have made lady Deathstrike from X-men,
here it is!

and please tell me what you guys think of it!

I’m gonna be modeling a head now and I’ll be editing ALOT, until it looks right.
if anyone has any suggestions on how I could make this better (besides making the head)
I’d appreciate it.



Wowsers dude the saggy leather outfit sure adds that extra bit of dangerous edge to the mesh. Pyschologically, the image is quite intimadating and I think you have a wondeful job. I am sure you are onto a winner. Once the head is finished - I may perhaps be able to offer some critisisms.

OK, thank you kbot!

I have a bit of a problem though, I can’t find any front or side pics of Deathstrike’s face.:frowning:
does anybody know where I can find a front and side picture of Deathstrike.

hands look a little manly dude.

I know, something else I need to work on.
it’s hard to get the hands right though:(

So are you doing this from the comics (not sure if she appears in any though) or from the movie (X2)? Because if this is from the movie you could try to find a side view of the actress’ face (not likely though - I mean you don’t see a lot of profile views of celebs). Or of course you could draw your own side view based on the positions of the eyes/nose/lips/ears etc…
But nice job on the rest of the body. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, and welcome to BA!

I just saw a good picture of her face, like yesterday I think.

@ Mr. Crunchy this is the X-2 version, she is way different in the comics, not only just because of her funky costume and hat thing either.

edit: http://www.kellyhu.net/gallery/categories.php?cat_id=19&page=1 x-men 2 promotional photos

I’ll try it out.

hey guys,

I have made a head!:smiley:
have a look, tell me what could be changed, and tell me what you guys think.


could I get a downloadable version?

sure, here ya go.:smiley:
and here are some new pictures.


I have, once again, updated my character.
I always new something was missing. Lol.

can you guys guess what is is?
does anyone see anything else that could be changed?


You could turn some lights on. All I can see is a black silhouette.

actually, it’s the background color.
when the the character is dark and the background is light, you won’t see the character very well.
but I fixed it.:smiley:


The brows where that missing. Now i see the upper eyelashes are misplaced at the inner position, as if they are being false lashes not properly glued:confused: on the lids.

yeah, I noticed that too.
I’ll get that fixed in just a moment.