X mirror with connected verts

So if you are doing a face, and have the x mirror modifier on, I can’t start making shape keys, because if I hit apply it won’t let me apply x mirror with shape keys.

So if I apply X mirror modifier first, and then want to create shape keys how do I do this?

Under mesh options, there’s x mirror, but that won’t let me do it for connected vertices when I grab them.

Is there a a more elaborate way of doing this rather than 1 vert at a time?

It’s not always optimal (and I really miss mirrored proportional edit), but here’s at least one way to mirror changes to the other side of a shapekey. The options used are under the darkened downarrow-button in the Shape Key section.

  1. Create shape for one side, put value at 1
  2. “new shape from mix”
  3. “Mirror shape key”
  4. original and mirrored shapekey value 1
  5. “new shape from mix”

wait they removed it? why would they do that :?

Where is “new shape from mix”?

In shape keys panel


Erhm this isn’t working
when you said
Create shape for one side, put value at 1

what do you mean exactly? I’m new to shapekeys
If I had to guess, I would assume that’s make a vetex group for half the objet, and then under blend apply that vertex group?

If you’ve created at least two shape keys (Basis and whatever you renamed ‘Key 1’ to be), at the bottom of the Shape Key panel under the Name box, you’ll see a value slider. Slide it all the way to the right, or click and type ‘1’ and then it’ll have a value of 1.

What this does is sets the Shape Key to ‘on’ if you will. ‘0’ is like ‘off’, ‘1’ is like ‘on’.

Now you do:

  • New shape from mix
  • mirror shape key

Now you’ll have two shape keys that mirror each other. Play with the sliders to see what I mean.

Just do the other at first and deal with Vertex Groups in the next stage of learning. :slight_smile:

thx, but i have a new problem.

how do I mirror extrudes for x axis mirror?

I want to close the eyes, so I am doing extrudes for a shape key, but it won’t mirror to the other side =/

EDIT: wait, I can just select the same verts and then do the extrudes, and blender is smart enough to keep the x axis mirror going.

How does 3dsmax and maya handle these kinds of things?

It wasn’t working properly and it was looking to take a while to figure out how to go about fixing it.

You got it.

I’m looking for the ‘shrug’ emoticon, but I don’t think there is one. Suffice to say, I have no idea. I’m not even sure if they do, although I’m sure there’s a 3DS Max or Maya fan who will eventually pop in to let us both know.