X-Offset of a Texture and Driver

Hello Everybody,

I’m still discovering Blender (2.5.2 on Mac OSX), and i’m quite a noob in some part of the software.

I’m trying to control the x-offset of a texture using a driver but it doesn’t seems to work.
Here is what i tried to do :

  • i set up a bone that can move in the x direction from 0 to 10 (using a location constraint in world space),
  • i applied a UV texture to a 3D model,
  • in the texture of my model panel, right click on x-offset and add a single driver,

Driver set-up part :

  • in the graph editor panel, “driver mode” & “drivers” panel, i choose average value,
  • i clicked on “add variable” then choose “transform channel”,
  • i choose my armature and bone previously set up,
  • i choose x-location and left “local space” unchecked,

As I’m moving the “bone texture-controller”, nothing happens. The “debug value” in the editor panel stay to “0” and the x-offset of the texture stay to “0” also.

Anybody can help me with that ? Thanks for any help and sorry for the bad english (not my native language :D).