X-ray geometry outlines in blender cycles? (and other shader help needed!)

Yo, I’m trying to proof of concept some shaders in cycles for a game I’m working on, but I’m pretty illiterate to shaders and I’m curious about how I would achieve a certain effect

I’m trying to accomplish geometry outlines that X-ray through a specific material (without x-raying through other materials). the entire torso under the blue top is modelled and has geometry outlines, and I want the outlines to show through the top
pic related, the effect I’m going for, and an image with the blue top invisible to show the rest of the geometry

Trying to accomplish a pseudo-translucency effect in a cartoonish style, to make the blue top’s material appear something like a sundress would.

Here’s my node setup for the top

and outlines

if anyone has an answer to this question, let me know!

ALSO! I’d love to know how to accomplish an unmoving plaid effect in cycles and unity as well, like stan in tales of monkey island

also also; is there anyway to thumbnail images? first post, and I feel like the images here take up way too much real estate on this post.