X-Slicer - slicing an object in 2 directions

I started Blender few months ago, and is inspired by Ryan’s laser slicer addon. Then, started to learn Python and extended the laser slicer addon to 2 directions and additional features.

Here is my blog post about the beta release - https://jimmyliblog.blogspot.com/2021/04/x-slicer-addon-for-blender-1st-beta.html
and very simple user guide - https://jimmyliblog.blogspot.com/2021/04/x-slicer-blender-addon-user-guide.html


Tried to install it but in vain, it does not appear in the list of the add-ons.

Thanks for your feedback. I updated the install zip in Github. Please download and try again.

Now it is installing but… you have negleted to add the activating command button to the panel as it seems. So, the settings are there but there is no way to make the tool work. :smiley:

After you selected an object, and file name is filled, the button will appear.

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