X3D support in 2.8...?

I just downloaded a beta, and…I don’t see “.x3d” listed in the Export menu anywhere…? It will be supported in the final version, right? :slight_smile: (I need it quite badly!)
(I guess VRML, by now, is totally outdated? :slight_smile: )

Cheers :slight_smile:

It should be updated at some point, I think it is not ready for 2.8 yet

See my bug report for some follow up on it


OK, I saw this:

That means it WILL BE THERE in the final 2.8, right? Oh, thank God.

It should be.

I am also working on an addon (unfortunately paid) that wil help a lot with the import and exports of such formats, geared towards those who need to do a lot of io of this kind. Stay tuned.

I ended up hitting that .x3d bug when I was dealing with this io addon. I was also surprised to see that it was not in 2.8, API changed a bit so most addons need rewiring.

I don’t follow - if it WILL be included in 2.8 by itself, then why are you working on another (paid) equivalent?

The addon is for automation, sounds like you need to import export quite a bit, that is why I mentioned it.

The X3D import/export and VRML import are there in the official 2.8 release but does anybody know if there is going to be an option to export VRML?

Why would you want to EXPORT VRML? X3D has replaced it, right?

Hey - you working on this stuff too? :slight_smile: What websites are you making? :slight_smile:

I know, I know!

I occassionally use Blender to create objects that I then import into some older software that only allows for VRML. I was really looking forward to 2.8 since my occassional use meant it was really hard to remember how to use Blender and the new UI seems so much better. But without VRML I might as well learn to use a CAD program instead, which is probably better suited to what I use it for anyway.

Er- why’re you using older software that only allows for VRML? :slight_smile: X3D’s been around for > 10 YEARS now, bro! :slight_smile: (I only started learning about it relatively recently myself).

It’s RoomArranger. I really like it because it allows a 3D model to be built and then walked around in “real time” using a game engine. Other floor planning software seems to create more photo realistic views but only from certain camera positions. It also allows you to import your own objects (albeit only using VRML) unlike other programs that rely on have huge libraries of objects, none of which are quite like what I want!

Ah ok - never heard of that. I’ll Google it sometime :slight_smile: But even without looking at it - surely there are better solutions for your purpose?? I assume you’re gonna export to web, obviously? Don’t UE or whatever do that?

No, not to the web: just my local PC. I did use it when we were renovating my house, and earlier when my company’s office was moving, but now it’s more of a hobby than anything.

I might look at the export_x3d.py file and see if I can amend it for VRML but on first glance it looks really complicated.

Hey - if I wanna learn X3D, ie. do 3D for the web, should I even bother learning about X3D itself? Or should I just make stuff in Blender and simply EXPORT to X3D (the preferred option, from where I’m standing)? What do YOU suggest? (that X3D book of mine is…wearing me down, it’s like…engineering or something… :frowning: )

For static stuff, ie. just a world, IMO that would work fine, but… what about interactivity? Can one author that in Blender? Well? How? This “interactive mode” that someone’s making is not out yet, I see…? Will that do it?

hi, g-on, are you there?

Yes, still here. Been busy learning Python and the Blender API, and converting the 2.79 VRML export to 2.80. Going OK, just need to work on vertex colours and UV textures.

I think I found a bug in the X3D export though. The __init__.py script says:
   path_mode = path_reference_mode
instead of
   path_mode: path_reference_mode
so Path Mode isn’t shown on the layout screen. Don’t know how to report it though, so maybe somebody will see this comment here.

Re:your question on X3D, personally I’d learn enough that you understand how it works but only look into the detail for specifics once you have a particular goal. Like my task here, I’d never finish reading about the API and Python so I just look up the bits I need when I come across them, writing little test scripts to make sure I understand what’s going on. It means I do a lot of
lines to see what properties are available!

I have no idea about Blender and interative stuff though. Sorry.

Bro, I dont know Python, I have no idea what you’re talking about :slight_smile:

How much do I need to know about “how X3D works” if I just wanna use Blender for authoring X3D?

I finally got my version of the Export VRML script working for 2.80. It can be downloaded from my web page at: