XairRacer - NetWork Game

That is the Final Release of my Last NetWork Game:

XairRacer is an aircraft racer game made with Blender and the program language Python by IzE_Design. The game have 2 type of game: ONLINE for challenge with friends on Network and the OFFLINE for the training the fly and the moviment of the plane. You can Chose 9 different planes in 3 category: Old Prop, Modern Prop and Jet; and 3 different scenary.

For that game i have used my IzEmulstiScript V3 for the NetWork.

Visit the HomePage for more INformation, Screenshot and Video. There are Windows and Linux Version, the linux version i cant try it because on my linux the game engine dont work for a problem, i hope that work!


For external personal problem i cant try it with some friends but i have only try it in my small home network… i have see some problem, specially if your pcs are connect with a router… i hope that work this game…
for this problem i consider this game same a test, i store all the bug and various problem for make a new version of my IzEmultiScript and after a game more Stable! THX!

Very nice! I love the models of the planes! Its kind of funky how on the second screenshot, there are some textured houses, and some 3d ones, but i guess you gotta keep the polys low. Great work!

Very Nice game! 5 stars. Anyone what try the online gameplay? =)

That’s a very fun game, runs smooth too 5*s

Anyone what try the online gameplay? =)

me … but how , i have DLD the game , but a message pops , check your internet settings and so…

We are allowed to rate threads, remember?

If you think it’s five stars then rate it.

As far as completion is concerned I would say this is well done. I wouldn’t give it 5 stars though, because the physics usage is poor and the camera can be frustrating. Other than that, this is superbly done!

~~Stu (being honest :slight_smile: )

reminds me of a game called “The Gee Bee air rally” back in the late 1980’s.

Nice work, and a fun game to make :slight_smile:

any chance of getting a “dog fight” mode for racing?
Some blimps, balloons and birds might make for some nice obsticals too :slight_smile:

I agree with Mmph! This is a wonderful game but it seems to lack something…

I think more things in the air would make this game awesome!

Great job so far. I liked playing it.