Xbox 360 transformation into render farm

So I have this old Xbox 360 laying around and I was wondering if I could turn it into a render farm or at least install Ubuntu on it. I’ve searched other forums and anything that has relevant information is for the original Xbox or from 7 years ago. I’m really just looking for an updated answer and maybe an installation process? And maybe the 360 is too tied down to do this but I don’t really want to get rid of some potentially good hardware.



And even if you find a new weird way or hack to get a Linux installed, the CPU is a 64b PowerPC architecture which Blender does not support anymore.
And even if you get a Linux running on it, and make it to compile Blender for PPC, I doubt the crappy triple core from an almost 9 year old device would be much of a gain.

Hard to believe that the X-Box 360 is now nine years old. Time sure goes fast. But now there are newer, faster gadgets that interests gamers more, however there always will be a small core of old timers who will still the technology of yester-year fascinating.