XBox 360

C&C are welcome.

nicely done)

Very nice and clean render, but not very “realistic” if you know what I mean. Looks like an commercial ad.

good work, modeling is superb

Looks great! Iove the reflection in the floor. It just adds a nice little touch to finnish it off.


wonderful=D Did you get your inspirition from my xbox? :smiley: Anyways, it looks lovely, altho one of those cd-boxes looks solid instead of smooth.

verry clean and slick. nice reflection on the floor.
to bad to top is a bit jagged


Nicely done… the curve of the faceplate seems a bit much, the headset plug in the controller looks somewhat narrow. There’s a bunch of stuff that’s just a bit off… but that aside… cool

Wow, well done! Great modelling and nice rendering. Looks pretty pro. What kind of rendering technique and engine did you use?

makes me want to delete all my blend files! Great job mate!

Thanks for the comments:)

I used the Blender internal engine. Originally rendered at 4000 X 3000

(Don’t ask why). I used toon specularity to produce the reflection on the disk drive (Very good trick!) Tangent shading on the central controller button.

snelleedy, what did you mean by “to bad to top is a bit jagged”? I’m not sure what you mean.

I would like to see how it looks rendered in Indigo

That is an amazing render looks really slick, maybe make the curve a little less though…

I’d like to try Indigo, but for some reason, I can’t get Yafray to export the xml files to tmp! :confused: :mad: :frowning:
It used to. I don’t know what happened. Can someone explain to me again HOW to export the xml files? I only tried Indigo a little a while back. I’m probably forgetting something.

EDIT: Wait, I think I solved the problem (sort of). I don’t know what’s going on with the Yafray xml, but there was an exporter script for indigo. THAT’S how you use indigo. I forgot.

Everythings just looks perfect very nice work.

It’s too perfect to be real…like an advertisement, as bigbad said.

Very Nice work!!! Both V.G. and Render are beautiful