Xbox live with Halo 3

well i got a 360 last weekend, the halo 3 edition, 3 days later it broke on me, went back to the store and there sending me one it should be here on wednessday. got my wifi antenna today, was wondering if anyon here plays live , ill add u.


I’ll just stick to me ole favorite games UVM + GTI thank you

My first 360 lasted 3 entire weeks before it broke, Microsoft most have cut costs on production recently if the console is only lasting 3 days now…

Not surprised. The shape of the console itself looks cool, but it actually contributes to the lack of a life span.

I thought that the X-BOX 360 “Exploding,” problem was a rare incident, but its happened to three of my friends. Its when the heat from the processors and other components warp the motherboard, which, in that cool shape of a box, it snaps, causing a loud bang, and some smoke.

One of my friends says that he’s proud that his X-BOX 360 has lasted almost a month. I keep telling him it won’t last a year, and he actually believes me now, even though at first he didn’t.

Most of the problem comes from standing the unit up instead of laying it down. When you stand it up, you reduce the airflow through the opening, which contributes to the overheating issues.

Other than that, mine is working perfectly fine and I know of lots of other people who have had theirs for more than a year with no issues.


Ditto, BgDM.

There was an issue with overheating in the first few batches of consoles, but that was fixed as soon as Microsoft found out. I’ve never had one problem with mine, and I got it on preorder right when the system came out.

ok well i found out wat the problem might have been , i carried it from my living room to my room with halo 3 in the tray, and it said in manual to never move console with game in tray, might be why the tray is broken now

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But there SHOULDN’T be that type of limitation, which shows how stupid Microsoft was when they made the 360.