XCF_Layers_suite 2.00 Blender + Gimp animations

Video Example Made with Blender and Gimp by Gez:


Some time ago I wrote a script for importing XCF files (from Gimp) into blender, to use them in several applications, as generating 2D video effects and compositions.
The script was modified and improved later thanks to some good ideas that emerged from conversations with Guillermo Espertino (Gez)who was looking for a method for creating 2D/3D motion graphics with Blender and replace the use of proprietary software such as Adobe After Effects for the task.

This script only works on Linux

xcf_layers_suite is a script that allows to import a multi-layered XCF (Gimp) file into Blender.
Each layer is placed on a plane, which location and dimensions correspond to the original layers of the XCF file. A texture and shadeless material is created with the name of each layer and the planes are arranged in the scene, aligned to a camara (orthogonal or perspective) that matches the original aspect of the XCF file. Optionally each plane can be placed in individual scene layers and render layers, for later use in the node compositor.



More details and scripts to download HERE:

Wow, nice.

Although I don’t have a direct use for this just now, I can see the potential - thanks for sharing.