XenoGlaux's Sketchbook

Hello, I’m Xenoglaux, wanted to share my daily adventures in blender to get critique and (hopefuly) get better.

Hit a wall for a long time, so don’t be gentle by any means. Here we go!

Some efl. Not a success, but hey…

Nice start man, keep them coming!! :slight_smile:

Nice start, although I recommend a dark grey background rather then black as it kind of makes the hair invisible.

Several days delay before submitting a post, and it appearing here. Anyway, really like this one

Meet Maya, hope develop this character

Really interesting characters!!! lovely mouths!
The last one is awsome!

Well its not some guy, its failed likeness sculpt

Hey Xenoglaux, all of these sculpt look very good! Actually with just some minor polishing they would be pretty awesome :slight_smile:
Best of all, all of them have a lot of character. Something that does not come easy for most. Also a lot of style, you can tell it was sculpted by the same person, and I mean this in a good way.

If i was to pick anything, I’d say just give 'em a round of polishing and pinching just to tighten everything up a touch.
And create a proper eye. here’s a good tutorial:

Looking forward to see more.

Thanks everybody, realy means a lot for me! Will try do different eyes next time, but for now here’s vamp from mgs4

I love your style! Keep up the noice-ness!

i like her green eyes.Is this character going to be a vampire?

Thank you for kind words. Well, Maya is not a vampire, but she is cold and sly)

blue hair seems pretty odd to me.it would not be odd if she was a animae character.

I love your style!!! keep it up!

Nice characters, your work is pretty well, good job man !

yes talented artist you can tell that it is created by one artist, i like the colors you do the hair and the eyes, i would enjoy to share some experiences with you, keep up interested to see what’s more.

Nice style! Keep it going! :smiley: