XenoGlaux's Sketchbook

(Xenoglaux) #1

Hello, I’m Xenoglaux, wanted to share my daily adventures in blender to get critique and (hopefuly) get better.

Hit a wall for a long time, so don’t be gentle by any means. Here we go!

(Xenoglaux) #2

Some efl. Not a success, but hey…

(PixelPete) #3

Nice start man, keep them coming!! :slight_smile:

(BluDragoon) #4

Nice start, although I recommend a dark grey background rather then black as it kind of makes the hair invisible.

(Xenoglaux) #5

Several days delay before submitting a post, and it appearing here. Anyway, really like this one

(Xenoglaux) #6

Meet Maya, hope develop this character

(Tonatiuh) #7

Really interesting characters!!! lovely mouths!
The last one is awsome!

(Xenoglaux) #8

Well its not some guy, its failed likeness sculpt

(0rAngE) #9

Hey Xenoglaux, all of these sculpt look very good! Actually with just some minor polishing they would be pretty awesome :slight_smile:
Best of all, all of them have a lot of character. Something that does not come easy for most. Also a lot of style, you can tell it was sculpted by the same person, and I mean this in a good way.

If i was to pick anything, I’d say just give 'em a round of polishing and pinching just to tighten everything up a touch.
And create a proper eye. here’s a good tutorial:

Looking forward to see more.

(Xenoglaux) #10

Thanks everybody, realy means a lot for me! Will try do different eyes next time, but for now here’s vamp from mgs4

(Miss Tiacht) #11

I love your style! Keep up the noice-ness!

(Lostscience) #12

i like her green eyes.Is this character going to be a vampire?

(Xenoglaux) #13

Thank you for kind words. Well, Maya is not a vampire, but she is cold and sly)

(Lostscience) #14

blue hair seems pretty odd to me.it would not be odd if she was a animae character.

(Tonatiuh) #15

I love your style!!! keep it up!

(threedslider) #16

Nice characters, your work is pretty well, good job man !

(islara1) #17

yes talented artist you can tell that it is created by one artist, i like the colors you do the hair and the eyes, i would enjoy to share some experiences with you, keep up interested to see what’s more.

(m_squared) #18

Nice style! Keep it going! :smiley: