Xenon (Concept Car)

Here’s the latest car project of mine. It’s a brand new design I’m calling the Xenon. It has some interesting design features, especially going on in the headlights. What are your thoughts on it so far?


Any comments would be appreciated! Either on the design or the rendering or the modeling or whatever! I’m not picky!

It looks pretty awesome. You seemed to have nailed the studio lighting setup. In my opinion the car fits in perfectly compared to some of the others I’ve seen.

Thanks!! I’m actually still trying to figure out studio lighting; this is just an HDRI with a matte background.

Here’s a new one!

Good modeling once again. I really like the side view, but the front don’t do much for me. It’s a bit boring. But I know how hard it is to model a car so it’s really good overall! Can we see some renders from the back view? Please.

Thanks Icon! The back isn’t done yet which is why I haven’t rendered it, but here’s a matcap…

Aaaaand I made the taillights…

Love the design! Looks very dynamic (the front is a bit like in a Lamborghini, and the sides look a little corvette inspired) Great work mate!

Maybe add one of those automatic-rise spoilers at the back (like in Porsches). Also you’d want to improve that Radio Antenna sticking out the top (angle it a bit more backward, thin down the bottom a little). Otherwise great going. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments! I might add one of those spoilers later. Right now I’m focusing on getting the taillights just so. I added some more bulbs to populate the previously sparse layout.

Nice progress! I like the front personally, but maybe I’m just easily wowed lol. Nice back curves too…

Love those tailights! But… don’t you think that the area behind the front wheels, above the curvature, is too plane? Also, I think the car looks very heavy, due to the fact that the proportion between metal and glass (the cabin) is too high… If you’re aiming for a supercar style car, that is. In most supercars, the body around the wheels is higher (or almost) than f.e. in the middle of the car (hood)… So, basically, if it was my car, I’d work on the side… But this is just my personal opinion, you may of course do whatever you want. That said, I agree with bosseestrenders, the front is nuts.

Thanks for the comments and critiques, guys!

@Impreza09; thanks so much! Other people on other forums said the same thing so I’ll fiddle around with the curvature and proportions.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick render from the top!

Looks good. I want to see some more renders of that car in black. I think that’s my favourite color so far.

I bought a Macbook Pro with retina display yesterday. enjoying it a bunch but I’m trying to get used to modeling in Blender with a trackpad. Just because I think it would be useful. Here’s some progress on the rear view mirror and surrounding controls.

I don’t think I’ve posted any matcaps so far, so here is one.

That’s beautiful. looking forward to see more…

Thank you! Here’s a matcap of the top if anyone was wondering what that looked like.

cool realistic design, nice details…keep going bro!!!

Love the sexy curves man!

Maybe there is some creases in the back…

Good work! keep it up!