Hey, so I’m working on this original alien for a story of mine. And I was showing some pics to a friend, so I thought I might as well upload them here.

I played around with sculpting him right before I took the pictures … partly because it looks pretty bland without it.

No texturing as of yet.
Note: The eyes are nothing as depicted. They are a dynamically complex system of swirling colorfully brilliant tentacles that form the cornea.



It still needs a lot of work, and if people can help me out with it … I’ll upload some better pictures and some concept sketches too.

In words, I’m trying to go for an interesting mix of:
Egypt’s Pharaoh, Mewtwo, Human, Venom, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Elites.

While most Science Fictions overload their stories with random and empty alien species to fill an ever-void universe I take an utterly and completely different approach.
I’m actually revolted by the atrocious quantity and the barely any quality or depth of the aliens in Star Wars and Star Trek universes.

The aliens in my story are elaborately crafted with immense and graphic depth, history and detail - from origin to the rise and fall of civilizations, to cultural meaning and behavioral traits.
The story is kind of complicated, so I won’t bore you up front with the details. (I’ve been thinking about it for the last 10 years, and am nowhere near beginning production.)
But feel free to ask questions.

I’ll be posting my other alien (the Furun, my personal favorite) later, as well as my human model.

Anyways. As far as physical appearance…
The alien, the Xorgue, comes in 3 genders:
XX, XY, YY or Male, Female, Femine or Servant, Nurse, Queen or Warrior, Mentor, goddess.
The one depicted is a male.

I suck at texturing, but the style of the skin I want is to be a crinkly leather with a soft touch, and then a slimy sweat that coats ontop. In addition many different hair style combinations. If somebody could help me achieve that effect, I would greatly appreciate it. As for now, my skill is only in modeling. So it would be fantastic if I could improve the quality of my models as well as take advantage of the wonderful texturing and particle (hair) that Blender is capable of.

With that said, I’m really slow working and slow updating. But please bare with me!

Thanks! Tell me your thoughts.

~ Mark

looks good love the model and attention to detail, cant wait to see how this unfolds.

I cleaned it up.


Normal Renders (If you note, I made a basic facial variant, a longer face and a shorter one).



I guess I should move onto the body, and stop having fun with the head.

Anatomical notes: Most of the alien’s organs are in his head.
The “stomach” is in place of his mouth.
His brain is in the back roundish section.
Ontop of his brain, at the tip of his head - outside the skull, encased in a hard protection is his lifeseed, or what would otherwise be referred to as his “sperm”. (note because of this, the XY and YY genders have different styled heads)
Special enzymes and food-decaying bacterium are stored in his “goatee”
As well as his “vocal chords”, which project back into his mouth, into his stomach, and echo back out of his mouth.
Obviously, the alien features a vertical axis jaw/mouth, and I was wondering … how many other aliens have this feature?

With that said, you can imagine that his torso will be relatively stalky.

~ Mark

Is it just me, or does his mouth look a little like a…
… don’t worry about it…
I saw one of those vertical mouths in a kids TV series once…
most disturbing…

Uh, I actually don’t know what you mean by that.
But I can tell … it has a very bad side to it - by the way you said it.
Which … probably means I don’t want to know.

Whatever you are thinking … the answer is “no”. It is just suppose to be a large, disgusting, evil looking vertically opening mouth :P.

yeah…thats it alright…if you’ve ever seen one up close then you’d probably agree that their pretty evil looking!!!

Coolness in a blend file lol No but seriously, thats one of the coolest faces I’ve seen. I dont know why exactly, but i love this concept.

Wow, is it really that bad? Or are you guys just sickos?
And no, I haven’t, I’m just a >>kid<<.
Honestly, should I change it?

Borgleader, thanks. I’ve been putting a lot of effort into their depth and character, and I’m glad its shining through some.
Here’s where I’ll confess something new:
Various aspects of my stories’ plots are based off of alternate interpretation of Biblical accounts, for instance there are many people who believe in a “Ruin-Reconstruction” account of the Genesis creation, where basically there was a pre-Adamite race that got destroyed in a massive conflict, which is why they say Genesis 1:2 says “And now the earth became formless and empty.” (most translations will say “was” in replace of “became”, but both are possible translations).
So what I do, is I take these alternate accounts and then I fictionalize on top of them. The Xorgues go about conquering worlds (after a Xorgue sect [an Adolf Hitler equivalent] conquered their home planet and wiped out any remaining “good” Xorgues, so now all that is left is a malicious, villain, war-bent, world-conquering, demoniac race), and Earth at the time of Genesis, is when they conquer and utterly destroy it.

Many creation accounts (Semurian, Babylonian) all feature a great spiritual conflict as what brought the earth and even humans into existence, so I want to have fun and play with this. The reason why I designed them with an Egyptian look, is because I pretend that the Pharaohs believed in these ancient aliens as “the gods” so thus, they tried to resemble their appearance. (haha, cause why the heck else would you wear a goatee thing?)
All of this is only the backstory to the actual novel.

~ Mark

Okay, so this is kind of awkward. But I talked to some other people and they made similar remarks about the mouth.

How can I fix this?
Will adding teeth help? Perhaps if I completely model the inside of the mouth/stomach?

I also have a pretty basic layout of the body mesh done, but despite the fact this is a WIP, I’m really a hater of uploading things before I’ve given them a touch of good-ness. Rather than the bland 6 vertex tubing of a body.

Please Help Me!

~ Mark

Love the concept, it’s really inspiring to me! Now I just Have to start designing a character…