xp and vista compatible builds of latest master with OpenVDB and object nodes

all is in the title. Link:

so much people asking for OpenVDB, everything node and old systems compatibility. All is in one build, 270 views, but nobody interested?

Yes ! I am interested ! Thanks bliblubli !

Nice work,

I am on win 8.1 x 64 but it is always nice when people go out of their way to help others.

I was actually afraid that it was a virus or something because you put it on Mega. Kinda sketchy. always makes me think twice.

I think it’s because people want the 100% complete. done version of these things

you know, complete to the point where either it’s in trunk or Lukas Tonne himself creates a build for them.

64bit only. Not for 32bit WinXP.

These object nodes look promising but I can’t understand the logic behind the groups. Like, you want to create an array, it has to happen inside of a special group apparently.

Looks like Buildbots will soon be again compatible with XP, so just wait for it, it should be there soon.
@Hadriscus What do you mean? For me it works on any object, no need to create a group. But you have to start blender with the new Depsgraph for it to work properly: ​–enable-new-depsgraph

I mean the array stuff happens in a different “level”, you have to tab into it. Just like in Lukas’ initial video from two weeks ago, but I don’t understand the logic. Maybe there’s a “level” reserved for object-level operations and another for mesh-level ?

Ah, so that is why I couldn’t get any joy from the object nodes. How exactly do I enable this in Windows…is that a command line entry? Btw, thanks for the build as I have been hanging out to try this!

Nice build, thank you. And it’s as fast in rendering as the buildbot one so XP comp is not holding back in term of speed. I didn’t know it was possible.
you add it at the end of your shortcut like c:\program\blender\blender.exe --enable-new-depsgraph
Or you start it from the command line in the same way: blender.exe --enable-new-depsgraph
OpenVDB really saves a lot of disk space for smoke simulation !