XRay Script 1.1 (2.57b)

I made a XRay Script to watch trough a Texture at Mouse Position.
I needed that for watch the underground in my Game-Project.

If anybody can use it, fine!


found a solution to get the Xray to objects position.


XRay1.1.blend (724 KB)

Before I download, is this 2.57b? or 2.49b? Thanks, and sounds cool :slight_smile:

very interesting! Does it use some sort of UV movement? That’s what it looked like at a quick glance in the script…

SolarLunes UVScrolling Script gave me the Idea :wink:

It takes the hitUV from the Mouse and scrolls the UV to the right Position. I'm working on a MultiVertex Version, but it doesnt want to be like i wanted...

Would be interseting to see any other solutions, perhaps a shader could do that too ?

this can become in handy, good job.

finally found a solution to put the Xray at objects position, its a workaround, but it works!